Antimicrobial properties of honey

Natural honey played an important in traditional medicine, but the past few years it has also played an important role in modern medicine. It is now subjected to laboratory and clinical investigations.


The antibacterial activity of honey was first recognised in 1892 by Van Ketel. And since then it has been considered as more beneficial.

Pathogens found sensitive to honey

Honey contains around 60 species of different types of bacteria including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, also contains gram-positives and gram-negative bacteria.

The pathogens which are believed to be sensitive to anti-infective properties are found in honey.

Honey act as bacteriostatic and bactericidal depending on the concentration used. Like pasture, honey is 4-8% bacteriostatic and manuka honey is 5-11% bacteriostatic and they achieve bactericidal activity at 5-10% and 8- 15% v/v concentrations respectively. So, artificial honey contains sugar solution with an imitator composition of honey and is bacteriostatic in nature. Only at 20- 30%, it is not bactericidal.


Different types of honey with endless benefit include

Acacia Honey: Increases body defence against multiple infections, also possess anti- cancer properties and good for diabetic patients due to high fructose content.

Active honey: Give faster action on the body to get active, relieves tiredness, keeps you fit and healthy.

Cinnamon honey: Honey and cinnamon help in the management of diabetes and extraordinary taste with green tea.

Ginger honey: This natural product gives instant relief to people suffering from cold, cough, sore throat and running nose. For pregnant women, it prevents from vomiting tendencies.

Lemon honey: It reduces your extra fat and makes you fit and young. Get an extraordinary taste with green tea.

Multi- flora honey: It helps in improving the immunity of the body against certain types of diseases and infections. Also, a great help in reducing anti- bacterial irritation and an added advantage for decreasing the state of hypertension.

Saffron honey: It’s a health tonic. In herbal world, it is being treated as a power booster.

Slim honey: This natural product of honey reduces appetite and weight without any side- effect. It keeps you fit and active

the whole day. And also, you get a beautiful body shape.