The 2-1 benefits, “Weight loss & Liver health”

Imagine a scenario in which somebody lets you know that you can drop a dress size before New Year simple by eating a spoonful of honey before bed every night. It sounds dreadfully too good to be true right? But this what the latest research has to say. A revolutionary new way to be slim and for better health.

Honey the most ideal liver fuel

Can’t sleep through the night? Sleep is active energy driven, when we sleep our body goes to work. Going to bed with depleted liver activates the stress hormones which hinders the glucose metabolism, fat metabolism and causes your body to gain weight.


The liver works hard to repair the body during rest. So, which one of you know that you have enough fuel to do the repair. This fuel is known as glycogen.
On an average adult liver stores about 75 grams of glycogen and your body consumes 10 grams of glycogen per hour. If you eat regularly, it won’t be a problem. But skipping meals can be risky.
This means that if you eat your meals at 7pm, your glycogen level will almost deplete by 12pm. So, if you go to bed with a depleted liver, the brain thinks that you are hungry and forces the ASH (Adrenal Stress Hormones) to create new glucose.

If you want to prevent your liver from further depletion eat honey before going to bed, it provides adequate fuel for the liver overnight. Honey restocks the liver without being a burden on the digestive system and supplies liver glycogen which our brain needs during our 7-8 hours of fast when we are asleep.
Honey additionally contributes to the release of melatonin, which is the hormone required for the recovery and rebuilding of the body tissues. Melatonin is necessary for healthy cells.
Daily supplying your liver glycogen with honey, the ideal fuel will optimize your body metabolism.

Weight loss while you sleep

Daily a teaspoon full of honey before going to bed can help you in sound sleep and lose your weight at the same time.

Many people have this question in mind, “isn’t honey a type of sugar? Does it contribute in weight gain?”
Well to make your doubts clear, honey does not contain sugar. Unlike refined sugar, honey contains vitamins and minerals. Refined sugar just sweetens the food, there is no ultimate benefit to eating them.
Therefore, eating refined sugar is useless and eating sugar tends to gain weight, not only because of the calories but because it also contains vitamins and minerals. Honey balances all, it is a good source of nutrients and helps people to lose weight as well.

 A tip simply for you, every night before going to bed consume honey mixed with warm water. Similarly, cinnamon honey and lemon honey too helps in reducing your weight.

Sleep well!!