Honey benefits


Honey benefits

Honey is natural nectar that is nurtured by the bees and processed by human. Honey comes in many forms and flavors. At Royal Bee Naturals, we craft Honey infusing it with special yet natural and handpicked ingredients that enhance the quality of honey. Honey is a formula that dates back thousands of years ago. Earlier in times, only raw and single type of honey was known to mankind. Bringing in the revolution in the honey industry, humans realized the potent medicinal properties of Honey. Honey contains phytonutrients which provide antioxidants to the body. Honey has antibacterial and antifungal power which is known to keep diseases at bay. They’re also researches which support the fact that raw honey has shown immune-boosting and anti-cancer benefits. Heavy processing of honey destroys these valuable nutrients and thus, it is advised to keep honey as less processed to keep its valuable properties intact.

Honey is a complete food in itself that is rich in vitamins and vital nutrients.  

It also holds many properties and benefits, which have been widely known and used throughout the world. Manifold properties of honey make it an ideal natural ingredient for healthcare needs. The truth is that honey in the form of natural sweetener helps in many health issues ranging from relieving sore throat, to healing wounds or burns.

The composition of honey

Honey is mainly composed of 70%-80% of sugars out of which 38% is fructose and 31% is glucose. The remaining percentage is distributed amongst contents of sucrose, maltose and many other compounds.

Apart from sugars, honey has other elements that influence its incredible properties:

Amino acids: Honey has considerable amount of amino acids. In the form of aspartic, glutamic, arginine and many others.
Proteins: The percentage of proteins is almost nil, since it is around 0.26%.
Minerals: Depending on the variety of honey we find, the minerals present in it vary accordingly. However, nutrients such as zinc, magnesium and potassium are present in all types of honey.
Vitamins: We find Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, vitamin B6, Vitamin B8 – Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin K in almost all variants of honey.
Enzymes: Honey also contains powerful enzymes such as amylase A and B or Glucose Oxidase.

Properties of Honey

Antibacterial potential

Honey has numerous antibacterial properties. This is due to the inhibine present in it which together with glucose oxidase, give it broad bactericidal properties. These help protect the body against free radicals which are responsible for aging of the skin as well as the development of chronic or heart diseases.

Strong antioxidant

Another of the properties of honey is related to the antioxidant effects it has. In this way, it works as a dietary supplement, preventing the body from heart diseases or weakening of immune system. In addition, honey has anti-inflammatory properties and helps improve vision & overall eye health.

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

Throughout history, honey has been used to heal infected wounds and small burns. This is because honey has incredible antiseptic properties that stop the chances of infection in open wounds or burns. Honey is simply applied on the skin combined with some herbs to give immediate relief. This is how it is beneficial to treat sunburns, reduce skin blemishes and treat infected wounds.

Other properties of honey

Honey has some other major benefits too among which includes inducing good sleep, relief from stress and even the reduction of fatigue. In Honey is also helpful in reducing pain in teeth, improve memory, regulate blood sugar and help treat asthma.

On the other hand, honey is helpful in reducing muscle inflammation. Simply massage honey onto painful areas to reduce pain & swelling.

Benefits of HONEY

Healing wounds and burns

Honey if applied on wounds and burns treats them well in time. When Burnols and other medicines such as Betadine were not there, honey was used as a natural healing resource. Honey, being rich in antiseptic properties, becomes a gift from nature to heal wounds and burns.

Preventing acid reflux

Heart burn is symptom of acute acid reflux, a condition in which acid travels from the stomach back up through the esophagus and it is really tough to deal with. Honey being loaded with antioxidants that fight damaging free-radicals that are harmful to cells of your digestive tract.

Fighting infections

Honey, since ages, is being used for medicinal as well as nutritional purpose. Researches show that raw unprocessed honey has the power to kill harmful bacteria and fungus. It contains hydrogen peroxide which is an antiseptic.

Relieving cold and cough symptoms

A spoonful of honey with warm water is a remedy for sore throat. Adding honey to hot tea and a few drops of lemon is a great remedy when flu hits you. Honey also is considered as a cold suppressant. Researchers suggest that honey is as effective as dextromethorphan, which is a common element in over-the-counter cough medicines.

Honey is a magic ingredient given to us by nature. It depends how much we can crown it and use it in our daily life!

Here are some of the best honey based products to keep your healthy and fit.


Calocut is a honey based weight management formula. It is enriched with extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, cinnamon, asparagus racemosa, and many other herbs which are considered as natural weight loss herb. Calocut makes up to be a satiating drink when mixed with water. It controls appetite and reduce food intake which results in efficient weight loss. It is a fat burner as it regulated metabolism and keeps gut healthy.

Calocut adds to skin elasticity, reduces signs of ageing and adds glow to skin. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, gymnasts & everyone else who need weight management role on top of their cards. It is a perfect blend of dalchini, garcinia cambogia and shatavari.

Cinnamon Honey

Cinnamon Honey is a honey based formula that is infused with goodness of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is considered to be anti-inflammatory, helps get rid of bad breath, acts as an energy booster, boosts immunity, combats infection, is anti-allergic and cures cough and cold.  It is aromatic, herbal & natural and can form a healthy concoction when added in warm water.

Organic Honey

Organic Honey is collected from wild bees and is a well-known antiseptic and cosmetic agent. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This organic honey is the honey which is produced, processed and packaged from the certified forest area where hundreds of medicinal plants grow.

Organic honey is said to heals wounds, is anti allergic, anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity and relieves cough & cold. Royal Bee’s Organic Honey is sourced from Himalayan Forests and is the most raw and natural form of honey one can get in the market.

Acacia Honey

Bee’s nectar is already a boon to the mankind in form of honey they process for us. Acacia, commonly known as babul or kikar in India, is organically grown herb (trees) that is known to promote weight loss and reduce bad cholesterol and possess anti cancer properties. Acacia honey is also rich in fructose.

Acacia Honey is also safe for diabetes patients because of its high f/g ratio that gives it a mild sweetness for enjoying a super healthy warm concoction. As compared to other forms of honey, Acacia honey preserves its liquid state for a longer period of time. It is rich in powerful antioxidants that help in treating all types of inflammation.

Slim Honey

In order to preach the same and making people believe in the power of Ayurveda, Royal Bee introduces India’s first ‘SLIM HONEY’  which contains  organically sourced honey and combination of herbs make it an ayurvedic weight loss formula. Slim Honey contains Garcinia Extract picked from parts of Southern India and raw honey is directly sourced from the Himalayan valleys. It also contains Cinnamon sourced from Sri Lanka, south East Asia and Kerala (India) making it a perfect weight loss & glowing skin partner for you.

SLIM HONEY is a perfect mixture of herbs that have over 100 vital vitamins and minerals keeping you full of energy whole day long. It adds glow & shine to your dull skin and slows down appearance of signs of ageing.

Lab Tested & User Testified
GMP Certified
Sourced from Himalayan Valley
100% Ayurvedic Weight Loss
Enriched with herbal extracts
Superfood for slimming
Healthy & Glowing Skin
No Starving Weight Loss
Boosts energy levels
Keeps gut healthy
Aids in Digestion

Sidr Honey

Sidr Honey is Royal Bee’s premium collection in the range of honey. This, being a monofloral honey gives you a subtle yet buttery sweet taste. It is most virgin form of honey found in the market. It is processed only for purity and no other extract is added to Sidr Honey. Sidr Honey is a well-being nectar with multiple benefits.

It is thick & buttery smooth in texture and rich in taste. Honey has been a healer since ages.

Sidr, because of being available in purest form relieves cough & cold, builds immunity
elevates energy levels, fosters memory retention, helps manage weight and can give you a youthful, healthy and glowing skin.

Saffron Honey

Saffron derived from the flower Crocus Sativus, is handpicked and its extract is added to raw honey for being processed into premium quality Saffron Honey. Saffron Honey justifies its cost by letting the mankind know of its numerous untapped benefits. Saffron is a powerful antioxidant. It is a mood elevator, body balancer and depression fighter.

Saffron Honey can help manage weight and fight with the odds of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). Saffron Honey is a tasty treat which can be easily added to your diet for unimaginable health benefits. Saffron has cancer fighting properties so adding this honey to your diet can keep a lot many diseases at bay. It can be an energy and power booster for the entire family.

Multiflora Honey

Picked from the bee nectar collected from multiple yet selected flowers, multiflora honey happens to be the most loved and bestselling collection amongst Royal Bee’s range of premium honey. Multiflora is a pollen rich honey that’s barely processed so that you can get the best of benefits out of honey.

Multiflora Honey acts as an immunity booster, keeps heart healthy, acts as anti-oxidant, helps in treating coughs, digestion and respiratory diseases, boosts liver health, reduce stress-related symptoms and helps in quick healing of wounds.


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