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About Us

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Ayurveda is all about doing less and being more. With this belief, Late Sh. Chandmal Pansari founded Royal Bee in 1953. Today, we have acclaimed a highly professional and trusted company in the Honey manufacturing Industry, synonymous with its quality products. Our manufacturing expertise is not only limited to raw honey but has also expanded to a wide variety of natural products. Today, we are a leading trade organization in Northern India in Ayurvedic and Herbal products.

In the last 10 years, our company has increased capacity from 10% to 15% annually by introducing modern management concepts. We are one of the major honey producers in India. In addition, we are among the top 10 exporters in Europe and the United States.

Our main objective behind this brand is to help people lead healthy and happy lives. As much as it is necessary to keep your outer body healthy, it is equally important to make your body healthy from the inside. And for this purpose, Royal Bee products are formulated in a way that will help cleanse your tissues, organs, and mind.

  • Free delivery for all orders
  • Only fresh foods
  • Free delivery for all orders
  • Only fresh foods

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" Ayush Kwath tea is a perfect cup of freshness along with an immunity booster. I love it as an evening tea. "


" As winter starts, I recommend everyone to drink the Royal Bee Giloy Juice with Tulsi. It helps to boost your immunity system. "


"I have replaced sugar in my meals with honey since I have found Royal Bee Natural honey. It's natural and with no sugar preservatives. I have it every morning with hot water to boost my immunity. "


"Joshandha Kadha is a perfect immunity booster during this time. It even tastes good. "


"I am amazed by Royal Bee honey products, as they have a variety of honey to take this winter with warm water. "


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