Vedic Hair Yog Oil for all your hair care needs


Vedic Hair Yog Oil for all your hair care needs

Hair is the beauty that’s as fine as black color. Your locks require care, love and potion that enrich hair quality from the roots.

Hair problems are myriad and thus, we need best hair oil that meets and addresses all the problem areas for hair. Hair fall, hair damage, dandruff, rough hair are some common hair problems that concern both men and women. Some of the best hair oil are the ones that solve hair problem from the root cause. Eat healthy and a balanced diet, if you wish to maintain your hair quality as nothing external, can replace nutrition pumped to the body.

Common Causes behind damaged hair

With a lot of chemical based shampoos, hair treatments, coloring, environmental pollution, eating habits, stress & anxiety are some of the common causes of hair fall and hair damage.

Not just this, baldness is commonly seen in men who are diabetic or suffer from genetic or hormonal disorders. If there has been a history that’s passed on as heredity from forefathers, nothing can really stop hair loss but the speed at which hair fall is occurring can be minimized.

Vedic HairYog, Myra’s hero product from Royal Bee, is the best hair oil that takes care of your overall hair quality. It strengthens hair roots, enriches and conditions hair follicles and prevents hair from falling off from scalp.

Why choose Vedic HairYog?

Myra brings to you the best hair oil which benefits you in following ways:

Stimulates rapid hair regrowth & length retention
Regrows edges
Repairs damaged hair
Stops thinning of hair
Nourishes scalp
Treats dandruff
It contains castor (arendi) oil, coconut oil, olive oil and eight more natural herbs including Bhringraj that is a boon to retain and regain Indian hair.

This is the best hair oil you could ever have in your vanity as it has been internally and market tested for results showing up in as less as in just one week’s application. Vedic HairYog contains natural herb extracts, it is not tested on animals, is chemical free, paraben and silicon free.

VedicHairYog 6-DAY ACTION

Vedic HairYog passes through six stages in six days to give you long and shining hair. Not just this, Vedic HairYog starts action right from Day 1.

Here is how it works well for your hair:-

Day 1: Seeping into Roots

Day 2: Detoxifying Hair Follicles

Day 3: Purifying Hair Follicles

Day 4: Strengthening Hair Follicles

Day 5: Seeping into hair length

Day 6: Restoring hair health

Just 6 days and you can say ‘BYE-BYE’ to your long time hair fall problem.

Recommended Use for best results

Massage 5 to 8 ml of warm Vedic HairYog into your scalp and move through the hair ends. Keep overnight and wash with herbal and chemical free shampoo in the morning. Use thrice a week for best and visible results.

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