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Royal Bee Slim Honey


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Customer questions & answers


Why slim honey is costly?

All the ingredients that is fortified with slim honey is pure and natural

Slim honey 100% organic?

yes slim honey is 100% natural and no preservative added

Is any harmful effect of this tablet or product?

its 100% ayurvedic, and we have not senn any negative impack as of now.

How to use slim honey?

2 spoons in lukewarm water, an empty stomach, before breakfast and 1 spoon with lukewarm water before dinner

What are Effect rates and this is clinically proven?

we have seen good results or 100 % in all the people, who have consumed it regularly. sometimes after 7 days, people feel it is not giving any results, so we recommend take a break for 1 day, then start taking again.

Do you have Lab Test reports or Government approved certifications for slim honey.

yes, of course, without that we cannot manufacture.

How Slim honey control appetite

herbs infused(garcinia) in slime honey will control your appetite or cravings and cinnamon will increase your metabolish, trifla cuts fat and rejuvinate cells.

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