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Walkwell Capsules

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  • Anil
    Sep 11 23

    Some representatives from the Walkwell company came to our society to provide information and distribute samples. After that, I gave a sample to my mom, and she started feeling relief. I have been ordering it online for the past two months, and my mother has been very comfortable. However, it's not readily available in nearby pharmacies; it sells out quickly as soon as it arrives

    Sep 11 23

    It's a good product, but if you take it with milk, it will have a stronger effect. Initially, I was taking it with water, and it didn't have much effect. However, for the past two weeks, I've started taking it with milk, and my pain has completely gone

    Sep 04 23

    Walkwell capsule is pure magic! Both my parents struggled with joint pain, and within just 48 hours, they found relief. Natural ingredients, swift results. Check out the attached video – their smiles say it all.

    Sujeet Prajapati
    Aug 28 23

    Walkwell Capsules are a lifesaver! The blend of 11 herbs, including Shudh Shilajit and Ashwagandha, helped restore my joint health remarkably. Within 48 hours, I could feel the difference. I'm back to my active routine without worrying about joint pain. This product truly delivers on its promise.

    Aug 28 23

    I can't thank Walkwell Capsules enough. The combination of shudh shilajit, rasana, and guggal worked like magic on my joint pain. The relief was noticeable within two days, and I'm experiencing reduced discomfort. These capsules are now a part of my daily regimen.

    Mar 20 23

    I bought this product for my mother as she is a victim of joint and back ache. She felt the change in one week only after the consumption of walkwell. I recommend this ayurvedic medicine to all those who suffers from joint pain.

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What are the ingredients?

arjun, shuddh shilajeet, safed musli, kesar, ashwagandha, rasana, bala, godanti bhasma, shankh bhasma, banslochan, guggal

How effective is this product if it has been clinically proven?

According to a study conducted at a government hospital, nearly 96.66% of the participants reported a reduction in pain, swelling, crepitus, tenderness, and joint cramping. This study spanned a 45-day period, during which both doctors and patients provided highly positive and remarkable feedback regarding the product. From a clinical and pharmacological perspective, it can be affirmed that this product is indeed clinically proven. There are available studies to support this claim, and if necessary, we can provide the abstract for the Walkwell study.

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